October 2013

Culpan Medical is GS1net Ready for Healthcare

Culpan Medical has achieved the status of being DHB National Catalogue Ready for Healthcare. The Company has met GS1net® data quality standards, and have published our catalogue to the DHB National Catalogue.

We are proud to be a member of these initiatives which will aid in our service delivery and support to the DHB network in New Zealand.

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Conferences Dates:

11-12 March 2016

UroGynaecological Society of Australasia 2016 UGSA Annual Scientific Meeting Auckland

UGSA – Auckland

8 April 2016

Continence NZ Education Day – Auckland

13-15 June 2016

Brainstorm – Neuroradiology – Edinburgh

24 July 2016

Prostate Cancer Foundation National Conference

25 June 2016 - Christchurch

2 July 2016 - Auckland

Prostate Cancer Foundation

A forum for patients and carers

2-4 August 2016

IRSA NZ - Queenstown

5-7 August 2016

RANZCR NZ ASM - Wellington

19-21 October 2016

USANZ New Zealand Section and NZUNS Conference - Dunedin

27-29 October 2016

Perioperative Nurses- Dunedin